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1. What is your username, how long have you been watching the competition, and how did you find this comunity? renegadewaltz, I've been following for about 3 cycles or so, and I found it browsing for communities about ANTM.
2. Who is your biggest role model? My grandfather was a very strong and kind person, and so is my mother, I look up to them both very much.
3. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a model? I don't know about my strengths, but I know I need to work on facial expressions.
4. Are you persuing modeling as a career, or is it just a hobby? Only as a hobby; unfortunately, I'm only 5'5 so I'm not tall enough to be a model.
5. If you could be signed to any modeling agency in the world, which would it be? I think it would be amazing just to do runway, so I don't know.
6. Are there any events or occasions that may interfere with your performance in the competition? Yes, I should be getting a job soon, and I will probably be travelling a bit too, so that might interfere.
7. Who do you think will be your biggest competition? All the competitors look fierce, and it's way too early to tell. Everyone's gorgeous and at this point I think we all have an equal chance.
8. If you’re under 18, do your parents know that you’re participating in this competition? -
9. Please give atleast one photoshoot idea. Please make sure that it has not been done here before. Cabaret! ^_^
10. Who is your favorite supermodel, and why? Gemma Ward, because I think she's absolutely stunning and I love her big eyes and lips and Irina Lazareanu, because I love her original look.

Tags: cycle10, val

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