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Livejournal's Next Top Model Pics
LJNTM Portfolios
29th-Apr-2007 12:13 am

1.  What is your username, how long have you been watching the competition,
and how did you find this comunity?
calli1712, I have been watching for about three months and I found this
community through http://community.livejournal.com/topmodel.

2. Who is your biggest role model?
My Mother. She has a strong marriage, has raised three children, looks after
her elderly mother and holds down a job. She still manages to look glamorous
while being once of the nicest, most caring and honest women that I know.

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a model?
I think one of my strengths as a model would be my passion in fashion and
make up. I love creating new looks. My weakness would be my shyness, It
takes me a while to feel comfortable in front of the camera and I second
guess myself too much.

4. Are you persuing modeling as a career, or is it just a hobby?
I have done modelling in the past, I was on a catwalk for Schwarzkopf two
years ago. But for now I want to get my degree and modeling has become more
of a hobby.

5. If you could be signed to any modeling agency in the world, which would
it be?
Definitely Storm modeling. I would love to be signed to a British agency and
to be on the same  books as Kate Moss and Eva Herzigova would just be

6. Are there any events or occasions that may interfere with your
performance in the competition?
Earlier this year I was diagnosed with having a Pelviureteric junction
obstruction (a blockage in the tube leaving my right kidney), this
unfortunately caused my kidney to fail. I had surgery a month ago to unblock
the tube and tests showed that my kidney was starting to improve. I have to
have further surgery in June, either to repair or remove my kidney. It
should take me around 5 days to recover from the surgery and could prove a
nuisance with a photo shoot.

7. Who do you think will be your biggest competition?
I think Kiki is my biggest competition, not only because she is so beautiful
but she is also close to my age.

8. If you’re under 18, do your parents know that you’re participating in
this competition?
I'm not under 18 anymore unfortunately =( haha!

9. Please give atleast one photo shoot idea.  Please make sure that it has
not been done here before.
I was going to say androgyny but I noticed you had already done that so I
would say Celebrities, pairing each contestant with a celebrity that they
would have to personify.

10. Who is your favorite supermodel, and why?
I wanted to say Sophie Dahl because she has a fantastic range. She was
simply stunning when she was larger than most other supermodels and of
course I love my British Models but I have to say now I really admire Gemma
Ward for her child like features and ability to look flawless in absolutely

7th-May-2007 11:23 pm (UTC) - Killer Vogue - Serial Killer

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